Our tours within South Korea are operated on a Seat in Coach basis, with minimum 2 pax. Therefore the mode of transport can vary depending upon group size.

The itinerary is designed according to the most updated information of flights available, although on rare occasions the sequence in which cities are visited, duration of time spent can change due to local conditions which are out of our control. The above itinerary highlights the main attractions that are to be visited each day. Further places of interest may be visited during your stay, which will provide unique ethnic and cultural handcraft shopping opportunities. We reserve the right to change, amend or alter the itinerary, although we will act in your best interests to handle any amendments. Please refer to the booking form for detailed terms & conditions.

Please note wearing Jean, T-shirts, Sleeveless shirt, short pants, sandals, and mini shirts are not allowed on this tour. Formal or casual dress is kindly required and Passports should be brought. Your nationality, passport number and birthdays are informed in advance 10 days prior to departure day. In any circumstance that Panmunjeom tour is not available due to military operation or meetings, the tour will be substituted with the Demilitarises zone tour (DMZ tour). The DMZ tour has the following itinerary: 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Dora Observatory, Station, Unification Village on the way to Imjinkak Pavilion & Freedom Bridge.

Tipping is not a Korean Custom, and is only required for extra special service. This includes taxis. 

Please note it is expected to provide a tip to your tour guide and driver as appreciation for good service received and we recommend $10pp per day.

Korea has a vast array of eating experiences on offer. From expensive luxurious dinning, traditional restaurants, to reasonable priced restaurants. For those looking for reasonable priced food, large department stores offer excellent selection of restaurants to choose from.

Due to Korea Exemption arrangements, All British and Ireland travellers with a valid passport do not require a visa to enter South Korea for stays of 3 months or less. Visa may however be required if you are engaging in remunerative activities.


There are no requirements for travellers to South Korea to have certificate of Vaccination. However please consult your doctor for further details.


The currency in Korea is called the Won. Traveller cheques can be exchanged in hotels, airports and Banks. Most major Bank credit cards are accepted in Korea such as Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Card etc. All other cards please check with your bank before travelling.


Korea has 4 distinct seasons:
Winter - December to mid March - temperatures very cold; winter coat, warm sweaters; average temp 2C
Spring - late March to May is cherry blossom time - usually warm weather; lightweight jacket and sweater; average temp 12C
Summer - June to September - usually hot ad humid, light clothing, tee shirt; average temp 25C
Autumn - September to November -temperatures usually mild; clothing as Spring; average temp 16C

Electric Voltage

It is advisable to bring along a set of international adapters. Most hotels have 220 volts suitable for two prong plugs only, however 110 volts is sometimes also available.

Drinking Water

Bottled mineral water, Alcohol and soft drinks can be purchased in most hotels, shops and supermarkets.

Tax (VAT)

10% Value Added Tax is levied on most goods and services (including meals), which is usually included in your bill.

Time Difference

Korea is 9 hours ahead of GMT.