Our guide to
Online Cultural Experiences*

Zen Meditation


Meet the Head Monk virtually at his private meditation temple in Japan, who will guide you through a personalised Zazen experience before inviting you for a mindful discussion.

Any age, gender, nationality, religion is welcome. 

Korean Cuisine


Learn about the most refined Korean cuisine with a Master chef who is regularly called upon for demonstrations in World Food Festivals and Ambassador visits. 

He is also an expert in Japanese, temple, vegan food and Korean rice wine!

Learn Chinese


Our online teaching will take great emphasis on learning Chinese language in a fun way. You will not only learn to speak the language, but also recognise and write characters.

Clubs are tailored for children and adults who wish to expand their language potential.

Tea Ceremony


Watch this performance live by a Tea Master, learn Japanese philosophy while making your own bowl of Matcha using the complete tea kit delivered to your home.

Our Matcha is Ceremonial grade, ground freshly and packed exclusively for our guests.